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We never lose sight of the fact that each of our clients has an individual, often tragic, situation requiring personalized attention. Our goal is to obtain for our clients the only justice that our system can provide, an award of damages that compensates them for the injuries they have suffered. If we, in our professional judgment, do not believe that a case is supported by the truth and by compelling circumstances, requiring our assistance to right a wrong, we will not accept the case.

Experience Counts

The attorneys and the support staff of Badey, Sloan & DiGenova have decades of legal experience, including the courtroom proficiency and savvy that can only be obtained from trying cases in the courtroom. See a sampling of the types of cases we have handled in the "Success Stories" section of this site. Whether your case will require a jury trial and litigation on appeal, a mediation, or an administrative proceeding, our attorneys and staff have the necessary skills and experience.

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